The Gooding Vet Team

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Our team members have dedicated their time to caring for your pets.

We are so grateful to have their caring hearts and healing hands here at Gooding Veterinary Clinic.

  • Dr. Amber Parish
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Dr. Amber Parish graduated from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016. She also has two associate degrees from the College of Southern Idaho and a bachelor degree from the University of Idaho. Amber moved around quite a bit as a child and young adult but has always called the Magic Valley her “home base”. Her family farms and raises cattle in Filer. Amber and her two daughters enjoy being outdoors -snowboarding/skiing, kayaking, swimming, riding horses, and helping on the farm. They are also involved in 4H and rec sports.

  • Lauryn R.
    Receptionist & Veterinary Assistant

    Lauryn didn't grow up in Gooding but moved here in 2020 after marrying her wonderful husband, Zach. She enjoys playing guitar (and a ton of other instruments!). She also loves cooking and adores kiddos -she grew up in a huge family with MANY brothers. We are SO excited for Lauryn and Zach -they are expecting their first little one! It'll be fun to see what Willow and Ginger (pups) think of their new little human in a few months ;) 

  • Megan J.
    Team Manager & Veterinary Assistant

    Megan grew up in Utah with horses and rodeo. She moved to Gooding in 2016. Megan has worked as a vet tech since 2003 working with the Humane Society and a large orthopedic practice in Utah. She is also a pet groomer and rescues animals of all types. She has been active with the Gooding School District via PTA, cheer, and teaching. Megan and her husband, Andrew, have 3 amazing kids -Deziray, Taylor, and Jaxen. They love to be outdoors -boating, camping, riding horses and ATVs. 

  • Jessica B.
    Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Jessica was raised in Texas but married the Marines and lived all over the United States. She grew up training horses and competing in rodeo and horse shows. She has over 5 years experience as a Certified Veterinary Assistant working at a large animal hospital in Utah. Jessica and her husband, Devin, have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 sweet dogs. They enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping as a family. 

  • Nicole J.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Nicole has lived all over the Western United States following her love for horses and hard work. She has worked at several large ranches starting young horses as well as training both working ranch and Western show horses. Nicole also has an incredible passion for helping people recover from trauma through self-knowledge. Gooding Vet is so excited that Nicole found her calling in veterinary medicine where she can combine and enjoy both humans and animals in a health care environment. She is a prankster and brings a ton of joy to our team! Outside of work, Nicole likes to go fishing, camping, hunting, driving in the mud, and shooting guns. She enjoys writing and playing music, cooking with her fiancé Sarah, and team roping. 

  • Desiree K.
    Bookkeeper & Receptionist

    Desiree grew up in Twin Falls. She moved to Gooding in 2020. She has 10+ years working as a bookkeeper, tax preparer, and payroll clerk. Desiree loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, kayaking, and skiing. She also enjoys woodworking, creating crafts, cooking, and spending time with her sweet dog Bandit.

  • Mariela C.
    Janitorial Specialist

    Mariela has 5 amazing children, 4 sons and a daughter. She enjoys baking in her spare time and is an avid animal lover. Mariela is the force that keeps Gooding Vet clean, organized, and functioning!

  • Evynn G.
    Janitorial Specialist

    Evynn was born and raised in our beautiful state of Idaho. She loves everything about the mountains and has always had a deep love for animals. She says that she can’t even kill a mouse! When she was little she would cry when they had to give the kittens away to new homes -her parents finally spayed the cats to spare their guilt. Evynn and her husband, Lenny, have 6 awesome kiddos (4 boys and 2 girls) as well as 2 Airedales, 3 Siamese cats, and 2 geckos! 

  • Independence (^.^)
    Clinic Cat

    This lucky kitten was found by Dr. Parish's daughters while they were watching fireworks July 4, 2018. 'Indy' was dehydrated, very thin, had a severe case of ear mites, and an upper respiratory infection. Her eyes and nose were crusted shut -she was breathing through her mouth. Dr. Parish cleaned her up and started treatment. She has been with the team ever since. We just adore her!


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How Pet Parents Feel About Gooding Vet

  • "Very compassionate."
  • "New vets are caring, gentle and very nice."
  • "Excellent service."
  • "Great local vet. Can't say enough about Dr. Amber and her crew. Caring, warm, thoughtful, compassionate and all for reasonable costs."
  • "Dr. Parish is so kind and amazing with my dogs ... so glad to have her as a part of our community."
  • "Thank you for helping my pup overcome her vet-anxiety without medication. Takes time, persistence and patience."
  • "Great Vet ❤️ Great Vet Tech Care!"
  • "Always very helpful and knowledgeable and my furbabies seem to like it as well."
  • "Dr. Amber Parish is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly professional. She is easy to talk to and explains things very well. I trust her opinions and judgment when it comes to my pets."
  • "Absolutely the best. Don't intend to take my dogs anywhere else from now on. Dr.'s office for people should take a page from this clinic."
  • "Best place to go. We had our first visit today and I couldn't ask for better! Everyone in there was amazing. Beyond blessed. Thank you guys for what you do."
  • "We had our first visit today and I couldn't ask for better! Everyone in there was amazing. Beyond blessed. Thank you guys for what you do."
  • "Educated and caring staff!"
  • "Very professional & friendly. Helped me through a very emotional time."